Message from the Camp Directors


“Excel in Basketball” is a series of instructional camps geared to provide instruction in basketball fundamentals to boys and girls in grades 1-12. In an era of decreasing fundamentals and skills at every level of basketball, we are proud to conduct a camp focusing on the development of basic skills for players of all skill levels. 

Back to Basics Basketball Works!!!

Since 1981, Excel has been a Summer Basketball Tradition as thousands of boys and girls have learned the game and essential lifeskill through their participation in Excel.

Our camp blends a great combination of skillwork and competitive play. Skills taught and reinforced each day include:

Station Drills: Shooting, Rebounding, Defense, Dribbling/Ballhandling, Passin, 1 on 1 Perimeter Moves, 1 on 1 Post Moves, The Screening Game, 3 on 3 Offensive Movement

Defensive Lectures/Drills: Defensive Lecture and followup application exercises zero in on 4 defensive stances and tie it all together on Fridasy with Team Defense.

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Dribbling: Our popular Dribble Series provides each camper with the opportunity to have a ball in their hands getting repetitions on this essential skill.

Ballhandling: Our popular “Pistol Series” provides each camper with the opportunity to have a ball in their hands as they work on our Pistol Pete Maravich Ballhandling activities.

Competition: 2 Games per day, daily one on one competition, daily 3 on 3 "Perfect Habits” competition, Free Throw Competition, and our Friday Ballhandling, Dribbling, and 3 Point Competition.

Lifeskills: Excel is more than just a basketball camp as we have helped players to achieve their potential both on and off the court. Excel has developed countless players in both California and in New Jersey and continues to be the premier teaching camp in the country 

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